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Welcome to the other side…

Bank Gate Info ( website operates as an independent news media hosted in a data-center located in Reykjavík District, Iceland. Bank Gate Info ( is maintained by independent contributors and is not promoted, run by or backed up by any known or unknown bank or institution.

The primary mission of this website  ( is to provide information about the “other side” of banks, institutions and people involved in organized bankruptcies, major scandals or established scams. While most of the information provided on this website could be already available via other sources on the Internet or elsewhere, this Web site intends to make all that information to be available within a single and protected information source.

Why Iceland?

This Web site and all it’s content is protected under the “Icelandic Modern Media Initiative (IMMI)” resolution. On June 16th 2010 the Icelandic Parliament passed a proposal for a resolution tasking the government to a new legislative regime in order to protect and strengthen modern freedom of expression. This proposal, called the IMMI, was passed by votes from parliament members of all parties.

The highlights from the IMMI resolution include :

  • Protection from “libel tourism” and other extrajudicial abuses
  • Protection of intermediaries (internet service providers)
  • Statute of limitations on publishing liabilities
  • Virtual limited liability companies
  • Whistleblower Protection
  • Source Protection
  • Communications Protection
  • Prior Restraint Limitations
  • Judicial process protections
  • Ultra-modern Freedom of Information Act

This proposal makes Iceland a “Media Haven”. It resolves tasks of the Icelandic government with finding ways to strengthen freedom of expression and information in Iceland, as well as providing strong protection for individuals behind it and to their sources.

More reading: Iceland : International Transparency Haven

What about laws ?

Icelandic law number 30/2002 establishes a system of take-down notices for IP addresses or other online content that violates the Icelandic laws in accordance with the Directive 2000/31/EC of the European Parliament. The Icelandic Ministry of the Interior is responsible for handling matters related to on-line content, and the appeals process for disputing the removal of content goes through independent Icelandic courts.

ISPs and content hosts are not held legally liable for the content that they host or transmit. Claims regarding intellectual property rights are handled by the Icelandic Patent Office, which is substantially dependent on international cooperation, and Iceland is party to a number of international agreements in this field. Furthermore, as a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO), Iceland has adapted legislation to the provisions of TRIPS (Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights).

More information : Supreme Court of Iceland

Our contributors and sources

Our worldwide contributors are individuals who collaborate with us as volunteers and are not affiliated to or paid by any known or unknown organization or institution. Third parties who disclose confidential information to us are treated as strictly confidential sources : We will not be able to provide you or any one else with justification or identification of our information sources or informers.

Need to contact us ?

If you want to contact our editorial team to disclose any confidential information with regard to the scope of this website or for any other valid reason please email us at admin[@] Our editorial team is generally not available for any discussion other than via email.

Further, any emails received concerning already published information on this website will not be answered by our editorial team.

If you want to contact the domain owner, please use the details provided in the WHOIS record at the top-level registry for the domain

Important note about sending emails to us : Plain text emails (received without encryption) will not be read as such emails will be automatically discarded and deleted by our email servers.

Content re-use

The content of all articles published on this Web site including any attachments, hosted locally or linked, is freely available for re-use under simple legal terms via the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License (CC-BY-SA), additional terms may apply where applicable.

Articles may contain background information and fact-checking material from Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia.

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